The Toy Chronicle | UCC Studio x SIGNTOY Presents FISHCAN – MILKBOX – HAM

What started out as a crowdfunding campaign UCC Studio x SIGNTOY successfully won the hearts of foodies and art toy collectors with their food released designs. over the years we have seen plenty of food-themed toys but what UCC Studio x SIGNTOY have done is incorporated classic foods that struck a chord with us here at TTC. Like the famous and classic Fried dace with salted black beans! UCC Studio x SIGNTOY presents to you MILKBOX, FISHCAN will make their debut at BANG STORE’s “Bang Bang Da show” in a few days time!

Food and Play Series” is the first toy series of “SIGN TOY” (Tag Story), a trendy brand under U.C.C Studio. Through daily life, nostalgic foods take you back down memory lane in people’s minds. UCC Studio x SIGNTOY For the first time, we used canned fish, ham sausage and milk cartons to create toys that make us reminisce what we had as comfort food with a twist!

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