The Toy Chronicle | ToyCon UK Exhibitors – Part VI

As most of us had returned to our homes last year to go straight into lockdown, I like to feature the last group of artists that were at ToyCon UK 2020. There were so many great artists out there and it was a blessing to have been able to enjoy their wonderful work in person before life as we now know it started. Of course, The Toy Chronicle was at ToyCon UK too and I will end this blog with the one and only Toy Chronicle booth.

But, I’m starting with the work of Wazi Toys. His booth featured a huge piece that caught your attention right away. It’s called Slave Surreal and, unlike the US version, had fixed legs. Though I mostly collect cute stuff myself, I thought this was a very cool piece. Besides this unit, there were several smaller pieces to be found as well (and perhaps slightly cuter too haha, can’t go wrong with a turtle).

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