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Hey, so we have all probably heard of the term NFT at the moment in time. All the rage at the minute. Every where you peek on social media, someone is talking about the pros & cons of these ‘non-fungible tokens’. We have spoken about it too on our Something about Designer Toys episode (watch HERE on Youtube), and we think there are three gripes with the new wave of NFT. The impact on the environment, the prices that NFT are selling for and there is no tangible product to hold, it’s just a digital image on a server.

The environment issue, I think is a wider issue that deserves a larger discussion but we have seen that companies & artists are (as well as us at TTC) have started to donate to companies like Ecologi that fund projects to offset the carbon footprint of activities that we all partake in (or certainly did when we could fly around the world etc). It might not be perfect but it’s a positive step of being active in our actions.

Pricing has always been a point of discussion, regardless of whether we are talking NFT or physical art. I don’t think we are going to ever fully agree with pricing. Art is worth what you feel it is worth and what paying customers are willing to pay.

The third point of tangible, physical art that can be brought into contact with your physical being has been something that we touched upon in the aforementioned Something about Designer Toys episode, where we spoke about the CryptoKitty by CryptoKaiju figure (watch HERE).

Today, we want to bring you news that has a strong focus on the third aspect from our points above – tangible art that mix into the NFT world. Meet NUKES by Signalnoise!

NUKES by Signalnoise

The Neon Reaper NUKES by Signalnoise has been building up a head of steam in recent times, as James (Signalnoise) has been orchestrating the perfect social media campaign towards the launch of NUKES this week. This ain’t no fly-by-night project either. James has been working on his art since the early 80’s when he was growing up on the likes of He-man, Star Wars, Transformers and wrestling.

NUKES is a multi-faceted release, where you have two physical releases. First, the Neon Reaper is a LE50 piece made from resin. Standing at 5.5inches. Each hand-painted with neon green paint and finished with a high-end automotive gloss finish. Neon Reaper comes in a non-damage slide-opening blister pack (so you ain’t damaging the backing card when you try to get your mitts on the Neon Reaper inside).

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