The Toy Chronicle | MUUKTOY CREAM BISCUIT BOY and MORE at Design Festa 53 Autumn

Grown in capacity and MORE artists from around the world for this year’s Design Festa. Each year Design Festa has brought a vast amount of new and established artist to TTC eyes, with fashion, design, designer toys, illustrations and much much more. We are looking forward to what Design Festa has to offer this year. Tokyo Big Sight Aomi Exhibition Halls gets ready for Design Festa vol.53 and MUUKTOY is looking to showcase NEW concepts as well as new versions of the adorable CREAM BISCUIT BOY and MORE. Over the past couple of weeks, MUUKTOY has shown a few promising new works! ranging from CREAM BISCUIT BOY with an eye patch! intentional or not we would love to see more eye patch versions! or even a broken part, Looks so innocent, HA. Not only CREAM BISCUIT BOY, the concepts for a new MUUKTOY line ” Juice Box Boy” should be making its debut too.

The size and scope of Design Festa have changed once again, with more space for more artists and, of course, guests!

Since its inception in 1994, Design Festa has continued to grow and evolve with every volume, and this instalment is no different.

As you can see, more coming soon and with Design Festa 53 just over the horizon, we have our eyes glued onto MUUKTOY progress! We love MUUKTOY so much we should have a TTC edition don’t you think?

WHEN: 29th(Sat) and 30th(Sun) May 2021


Stay tuned for further developments. MORE at


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