The Toy Chronicle | Martian Toys MARCH MAD-NESS featuring Jeremy MadL x Dinkc x Jcorp x BirdMilk x DrilOne x Camilo Gonzalez

HERE COME THE BIG GUNS! How does Jeremy MadL, Dinkc, Jcorp, BirdMilk and DrilOne sound?! be on the lookout for a week of MAD ness! or we should say MARCH MAD-NESS! Martian Toys has just announced the MARCH MAD-NESS a weeklong event showcasing the Mad Mutant Spraycan! 5-day fiasco planned with possibly the most limited release to date and have one of these big hitters take over the Mad Mutant Spraycans!

New Madcan Colorway, GID Blanks, Chrome Preorder and 6 custom MadCans which will be sold as RAFFLE.  The week ends with a raffle pick for 6 winners!

     FIRST UP!


Back Alley Urban Rodent with a Pain in the Brain

Hey Kids!  Come with City Mouse and learn all about the streets!

Follow CM through the back alleys and fire escapes looking for primo crumbs in the most “seasoned” dumpsters.  Learn to follow the shadows and mark your territory while keeping a sharp lookout for the City Pig. 

Get essential tips on perfecting your swag like how to Protect Ya Neck.  City Mouse has a lot to teach ya and is quick on his feet, don’t worry if he gets too far ahead though, just follow the RATTLE

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