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For us it started off back in 2015, Kos AKA Kosrobot first production resin figures Dreary One, seeing Kos grown his fanbase plus levelling up the finishing and overall package. its time to wave goodbye to the classics as the preparation for Kos “New Tim” are underway which will see Tim feature 6 points of articulation and stand at 3 inches tall. For fans of new and old, this week will be your last chance to own the classics before the new wave emerges!

In a deep future or distant past… On a long forgotten space station, something terrible happened. Now this place belongs to ghosts, moaning and whispering, ensnaring space travellers, searching for the one to blame, the one to say to this is all because of you!
The Horrid One was the station’s signaller. It seems that after death he found peace of mind, something between apathy and psychosis. He talks to himself unintelligibly and makes strange sounds constantly.

WHEN: March 19th 12pm ET

WHERE: at 


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