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Cast your mind to that Cat sucking bird “MOGGIE” by Jink Wu and UCC. Well, China-based artist is back! A new character called Komma was an introduction last year HERE. Totally different style and concept to MOGGIE. Quite possible Komma is modelled on Jink himself as the resemblance is close, it must be the hair! HA. Now Komma has a change of clothes or you can say embracing the wind on his skin, HA. Meet Komma Question Boy edition!

As a child when you were born curious to ask adults all sorts of questions and were impatiently interrupted (or beaten), you leave with question marks on your head. For a long time, the problem during juvenile days like this. As you grow older, the aggressive questions seem to understand and don’t know, the question marks on your head haven’t disappeared, but people don’t see your question mark. Unless you meet someone who has the same problem as you, look at each other and smile. – Jink Wu







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WHERE: Simply direct message via kommafamily/ Instagram and Facebook

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Find Jink on kommafamily/ Instagram and Facebook.



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