The Toy Chronicle | Jito Biscuit and More By Right Right Sauce 右右酱

Right Right Sauce 右右酱 has been hitting everyone’s love for cuteness over in Asia. The lovable characters range from Jito Biscuit all the way to little cloud! Each one has that Asian chibi cute expression that we’ve seen in classic anime. We don’t know what flavour Jito Biscuit is but what we do know is Jito Biscuit joins the rest of the Right Right Sauce 右右酱 family. We love how bubbly Right Right Sauce 右右酱 characters are, reminds us of our very own body shape, HA. Right Right Sauce 右右酱 presents to you Jito Biscuit and More.

Height: 8CM Material:

high-grade resin (front and rear magnet connection)
Jito Biscuit global limited 199 bodies


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