The Toy Chronicle | Invasion of 9 Eyes! New Invasion Toys Exclusive Master9Eyes by PureArts x Daytoner!

Prepare yourselves for the invasion! Invasion Toys have teamed up with the guys at PureArts & Daytoner to bring to life the Invasion of 9 Eyes, the new exclusive Invasion Toys Master9Eyes!

Invasion of 9 Eyes is based on the original Master 9 Eyes sculpt. This time, though, he’s bathed in the Invasion Toys favourite emerald green, the best of colors! Io9E has white highlights and matte grey lowlights, six green vibroblades, and white detailing throughout. Along with its white straps, Invasion of 9 Eyes sports the Invasion logo on its sword pack, and the Invasion Toys name on front. On the jacket says デイトナ, kanji for deitona (Daytoner). Kermit the frog would be proud!

Limited to only 64 pieces, Invasion of 9 Eyes stands at 6inches tall and is available to buy now for $86+shipping. For the first 7 days, they will be priced at $86. After that, the price will increase to $105! So now is the time to grab yours for the earlybird pricing!

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