The Toy Chronicle | Imperial Lotus Dragon Relic Release by Mr Scott Tolleson x Kidrobot


Why does the Imperial Lotus Dragon look like me when I open the cookie jar and trying to decide which cookie or three I’m going to devour? Is this what the Cookie Monster would look like if he was in fact imperial, lotus and a dragon?! Questions I pose to myself at midnight on a Tuesday in mid-March. This is in fact the new Imperial Lotus Dragon Relic edition by Mr Scott Tolleson, that launched exclusively on Kidrobot this week as a pre-order.

Limited to only 100 pieces, the Relic edition of the Imperial Lotus Dragon is s hand brushed with a metallic silver finish making each piece unique. Standing at a whopping 10inches tall, the vinyl ILD Relic is priced at $300 and is expected to ship in Q2 of 2021 (Apr-Jun). You can pre-order yours using the button below!

In Autumn, when the moon is at its fullest and brightest, you can follow the sacred river into the wildwood. Deep inside you’ll find a hidden pond. There lies the Imperial Lotus Dragon. But be warned, do not venture deep into the shadows for here another dragon blooms. One that wishes to remain unbothered.

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