The Toy Chronicle | Honey Bear Baby by POP MART x Pucky

Last month, POP MART x Pucky’s Honey Bear Baby first batch sold out super quick, to say the least, but we have great news as a new batch has appeared! Spring is blossoming, Pucky’s ready for a new onesie to embrace the wonderful Spring breeze and HONEY! What’s the buzz? Well, meet Pucky’s Honey Bear Baby. Honey Bear Baby at retail but you better act fast because the resellers would be taking advantage!

Honey! We’re home! “Pucky Honey Bear Baby” is here! Pucky couldn’t decide whether to be a bee or a bear this spring, so our baby decided to do both! Pucky is the cuddliest busy bee/bear, collecting golden nectar for all our buzzy bee friends 

Don’t “bee” late to catch “Pucky Honey Bear Baby”

Height: around 6cm

Material: PVC




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