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 Punk & Pop Toys. Independent resin toys from Argentina made by Sofía Libertad is back with more deluxe bootleg toys.

Growgu is the cannabis version of Grogu /Baby Yoda.

Using as a base the cute babies kewpies famous toys for several generations since 1910. It is a quadruple mashup, which in turn pays homage to the traditional tattoo culture, where many times we find that tattoo artists have these retro kewpies intervened with tattoos and piercings in their stores.

Using this 4-inch retro figure as a base, this piece includes the sculpture of the hands – emulating how Grogu uses force and also carries his iconic cookies on another – without missing its characteristic ears. THC crystals were made of a resin that simulates crystal glass, in addition to being full of glitter (hand cast). Tattoos are hand painted also!

 In its packaging, which is a box with recycling motifs, there are illustrations of SofiLi on both sides.

This toy is an exclusive to DKE TOYS – edition of 25 units and will be available the next 19-20-21 at DKECON

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