The Toy Chronicle | Forlorn Unicorn by Ron English x 3DRetro Release!

They say that unicorns don’t exist, but they don’t know nothing as it is quite evident that unicorns exist. We have proof too. Undeniable proof. Check out the new Forlorn Unicorn by Ron English. Is that not proof enough that unicorns exist? It’s enough for us.

The Forlorn Unicorn will release in two editions today (23/2) at 1pm PST (8pm GMT) on the 3DRetro POPSHOP Live stream. These 6.5inch vinyl figures will be available in the Blue OG Forlorn Unicorn and the 3DRetro rainbow exclusive, pictured below. They are priced at $65 for the Blue OG and $75 for the 3DRetro Rainbow edition. You will need to download the POPSHOP Live App HERE and use code ARTTOY to get access. Ron will be joining the stream from 1.30pm PST as the new Forlorn Unicorn goes live with 3DRetro.

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