The Toy Chronicle | Dirty Snow Ice Queen Tenacious Toys Exclusive with In Prime We Trust x Strange Cat Toys

Getting a little chilly in ‘ere, don’t you think? Should totally put a top on to stop us catching a chill in our bones. Which is exactly what Dirty Snow is doing in this new Tenacious Toys exclusive release this week. The Dirty Snow Ice Queen will be released on Friday, check out more details below….

Many years have passed since Snow met the dwarves in the forest, 7 years to be exact. Since her fall out with the prince, she’s still watching over the dwarves and magical creatures in the forest. As you can imagine, living with 7 men in a small cottage leaves this twenty something year old dreaming of privacy. Snow needed a break, a chance to see the world. She traveled to Arendelle, a city with tons of beautiful snow and wonderful statues made of ice. There she met a queen that bestowed upon her a chilling power that changed Snow forever.

Dirty Snow Backstory

This is the third colourway of In Prime We Trust x Strange Cat Toys’ Dirty Snow platform, following the OG colourway and the Gold edition with 3DRetro. The Dirty Snow Ice Queen will be dropping on on Friday 5th March at 12noon EST (5pm GMT). Limited to only 100 pieces, this new 10inch Dirty Snow will retail for $125 (which includes FREE shipping in the US) and is made from vinyl. Grab yours on Friday!

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