The Toy Chronicle | Darkside of Love by Fatoh / Kidding Toy

There’s nothing better than getting a dose of humour during these darker times right? We knew we could count on Thailands Fatoh of Kidding Toy! Now close your eyes and picture Vader and Leia doing the iconic Titanic pose on the tip of the Executor! HA. No need to imagine as Thailand’s OH Anat has been making waves with his bootleg style resin figures for the past couple of years and cemented his name since the infamous Street Wars Jacket Series. Now Oh Anat STRIKES BACK with “Darkside of Love” Who in the right mind would have thought of this HA HA HA HA, oh Fatoh did! HA. Darkside of Love made its debut at DKE Toys First Annual #DKECON HERE now you can own one!




Fina OH Anat via Instagram and Facebook.

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