The Toy Chronicle | Artoyz Originals: GusGus by Lucas Beaufort Release Details

A well-known artist in the skateboard world, Lucas Beaufort has been spreading his colourful characters for several years now on different media and has teamed up with French toy crew, Artoyz to bring you another Artoyz Originals release – GusGus.

GusGus is a key character in Lucas Beaufort’s universe, a very simple character in his line, but deep in the values ​​he conveys: travel, sharing, kindness to others.

Giving life, in 3 dimensions, to this drawing close to the hieroglyphs in the line was not easy, but Artoyz are proud to be able to present this GusGus figurine in its blue version. Artoyz found the iconic flower that accompanies the character as well as his hat screwed on his head, all in tones reminiscent of the books “The Three Robbers“.

Limited to 100 pieces in this colourway, GusGus stands at 13inches tall. Priced at 250euro (about £214).

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