SEGA considering reboots of dormant IPs while it begins work on a ‘super game’ – My Nintendo News

SEGA recently unveiled their financial results and they also published a presentation with plenty of slides showing what the company is planning for its future. The company is looking to bring back some of its dormant video game series and titles mentioned include Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio and Nights into Dreams. The company had expressed interest before in bringing back some of its classic franchises which haven’t been worked on in a while. The slides show that SEGA plans to remaster, remake or reboot its older series while also strengthening their active IPs such as Yakuza, Persona and Sonic. SEGA also mentioned that they are working on a  a “Super Game” within their five-year plan and have “focused investment” in the project, they are aiming to have it released by its 2026 financial year.


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