Sakurai reiterates that it’s not up to him when it comes to adding more sword fighters to Smash Bros. Ultimate – My Nintendo News

The mastermind behind the immensely popular Super Smash Bros. franchise has reiterated to fans that it’s not his call when it comes to adding sword fighters into the latest game. Masahiro Sakurai recently took part in an interview with YouTube channel Washa Live (translated by Nintendo Everything) where he said the following about the topic after they spoke about the recent Xenoblade fighter additions: “like it or not, it’s not up to me whether another sword fighter goes in the game”. Sakurai has said before that it’s mostly down to Nintendo to choose what characters make the cut.

Sakurai later brings up the importance of balancing but highlights that sword fighters can be more easily implemented than others.

Sakurai: And in contrast, sword fighters are easy [to implement].

Nakamura: What do you mean?

Sakurai: Compare that with Steve.

Nakamura: Ahhhhhhhhh.

You can read the full translation about this topic here.

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