Rumor: A remake of a Fire Emblem game is almost complete

You may recall that, back in April, rumors surfaced that remakes of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn were being made for the Nintendo Switch. Although the rumor’s credibility has since been called into question, another Fire Emblem-related rumor of a similar type has now appeared.

This time, it comes from Zippo, a leaker/insider. According to Zippo, not only is a Fire Emblem remake being developed for the Nintendo Switch, but the game’s development is almost complete. He doesn’t know, exactly, what game is being remade, but he does tell Fire Emblem fans to “have some patience” because “you’re gonna be eating good before too long”. His full remarks about the matter are down below.

“Yes, this is very much happening. What I do not know currently is which Fire Emblem game is being remade. Fans seem to be split between either Genealogy of the Holy War, or The Burning Blade [sic, meant The Binding Blade]. Either would make sense, considering both titles have never seen an English language release. Again, I’ve been told once again that this is a game that is nearly complete, so I see Nintendo sitting on it until they’re good and ready to make [and when] I know more, I will make an update. Have some patience FE fans, you’re gonna be eating good before too long.”


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