Listings appear for Team Sonic Racing (Sonic 30th anniversary edition) for Nintendo Switch

It appears as though Sonic Colors Ultimate may not be all we are getting this year when it comes to the spiky blue hedgehog. The French retailer which leaked Sonic Colors Ultimate and Sonic Origins collection has recently listed Team Sonic Racing (Sonic 30th edition) for the Nintendo Switch system along with a couple of other online retailers. Team Sonic Racing was originally released in 2019 and didn’t quite hit the mark when compared with the previous Sonic Racing titles. The online mode was also notorious for its difficultly trying to find anyone to race against and the game didn’t really see any post-launch support from developer Sumo Digital or publisher SEGA, but anyway this newer version could address some of the original issues. While the 30th anniversary edition of Team Sonic Racing has yet to be confirmed by SEGA, the revised edition comes with a special Sonic artwork book and is listed with a release date for 27th October.


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