A sealed copy Of Super Mario 64 has been sold at an auction For $1,500,000

As time passes, the prices of retro video games has been climbing. Despite the price rising, the demand to purchase them has largely remained the same. Unfortunately, this has resulted in a situation where price gouging has become more noticeable or, in the case of a game that released more than 20 years ago, they’ve sold for very abnormal prices.

Popular auction house Heritage Auctions recently concluded an auction of a sealed copy of Super Mario 64. In fact, the sealed copy was in such an amazing condition that the WataGames gave it a 9.8 rating on their scale. There is less than 5 sealed copies of this game in this condition, and it resulted in the copy selling in the auction for $1,500,000.

This price has broken a new record for a single video game auction. Amazingly, the previous record-holder had managed to do that only a few days ago. On July 9th, a rare copy of The Legend Of Zelda on the NES sold for $870,000. The record-holder from before that was an NES copy of Super Mario Bros that sold in April for $660,000.


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